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Common Foot Problems

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WHAT’S THE REAL DEAL ON “ORTHOTICS”? — Let’s say that you are like millions of people that suffer with pain in your heels, arches, lower back or knees. You have heard the “buzz” about orthotics but haven’t a clue what they are or where to purchase them. Perhaps I can explain. When I prescribe Orthotics, […]

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Ingrown Toenails

“My toe hurts, it’s getting red and swollen, I can’t tell where it’s coming from!” Does this sound familiar? You just had a pedicure, or trimmed your own toenails about 4 days ago. Now, one of them is throbbing and the toe hurts with any pressure or closed shoe. What happened? Ingrown toenails are one […]

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So, you notice several irregularly shaped thick, rough patches on the soles of your feet that have been growing in size and number. You tried over-the-counter “wart removers”, picking at them, ignoring them, applying duct tape to them and they still don’t go away. Now, they are starting to hurt and get ugly. What can […]

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Fungal Nails

FUNGAL TOENAILS AND FUNGAL SKIN “ATHLETE’S FOOT” — Have you noticed your toenails thickening and turning yellow? Have you noticed itchy, red, peeling skin between your toes or on the soles of your feet? You guessed it, there’s a “Fungus Among Us!” Fungus or dermatophytes are slow growing micro-organisms, related to mold. They are present […]

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NEUROMA OR MORTON’S NEUROMA — What’s in a name anyway? The pain is the same. Imagine you experience a sharp, burning, shooting, and sometimes radiating pain in the ball of your foot when walking.  Along with that, you may also notice that several toes feel numb when you touch them. That sounds horrible! You are […]

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Sports Medicine

The biggest challenge of sports medicine is getting people better as quickly as possible so they can resume the sport or activity that they enjoy. There is little tolerance for rest in athletes. Some people have high pain thresholds and believe the old adage, “no pain, no gain”. Unfortunately, this is often a recipe for […]

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Heel Pain

PLANTAR FASCITIS, HEEL PAIN, HEEL SPURS AND THE LIKE — Okay, so you have been told that you have a “heel spur” on your foot X-ray, or you just have this nagging pain in your heels or arches that begins the moment you step out of bed in the morning and limp all the way […]

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Bunions and Hammertoes

My foot is “the ugliest foot you’ve ever seen”!!  That is the mantra of patients with bunions and hammertoes. These deformities can make feet appear unsightly. But, most importantly with bunions and hammertoes is whether they hurt. Is it difficult to fit into sensible shoes without pain or irritation? The fact that something is not […]

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Foot Surgery

PODIATRIC SURGERY — Preparation for surgery‎ If you decide to have foot surgery, Dr. Wexler or your personal physician will assess your general health. You may need preoperative clearance from your primary care or treating physician. Conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or circulatory difficulties could negatively impact your healing and could increase postoperative pain. […]

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Running Injuries

RUNNERS AND THE “TERRIBLE TOOS” — Did you ever wonder why runners suffer from so many injuries to their feet, legs and knees? Well, unlike walking, where a portion of both feet is on the ground at all times, running is a “one-legged” sport. This puts double the stress on all of the lower extremity […]

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Diabetic Foot Care

DIABETIC PATIENTS NEED TO WATCH THEIR FEET — “Simple Precautions Can Avoid Complications” Taking a minute or two every day to inspect your feet and observing a few simple rules can make the difference in sparing diabetes patients from a preventable outcome of the disease – a foot amputation. Of all diabetes-related complications, a serious […]

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What are these watery and painful swellings and how can I say good bye to them forever? Definition: Blisters are fluid-filled lesions on the skin caused by the combination of sweat and friction. The shearing force causes the epidermal and the dermal skin layers to separate, filling the space with serous fluid. This is not […]

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Flip Flops

FLIP FLOPS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY — First the good: an open shoe is good for air flow between toes and reduces the possibility of corns or blisters because there is no shoe pressure on bony prominences (bunions,hammertoes) on your foot. Now the bad: the rubber strap between the big and second […]

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