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What are these watery and painful swellings and how can I say good bye to them forever?

Definition: Blisters are fluid-filled lesions on the skin caused by the combination of sweat and friction. The shearing force causes the epidermal and the dermal skin layers to separate, filling the space with serous fluid. This is not an infection, but rather an inflammatory response of the skin.

Treatment: for small blisters, applying a band aid and most importantly removing the source of friction are keys to eradication. For large, painful blisters (in a healthy person without diabetes or vascular problems) the outer skin can be gently pricked with a sterilized needle (heated then cooled). Always cleanse your skin first, with alcohol, to prevent infection. Drain the fluid and cover with antibiotic ointment and a band aid.

Preventing blisters: The most important thing is to minimize skin friction and perspiration. Take a wider or longer shoe size, if needed, wear moisture-wicking, acrylic or orlon, not cotton, socks to reduce sweat, wear shoes with adequate support so your foot is not flopping around.

Dr. Wexler’s Great Tip for Reducing Sweaty Feet:

Apply an antiperspirant spray to the soles of feet and between each toe, daily. Not only will this reduce the incidence of blisters, warts, and fungal skin and nails, but your stinky feet will no longer stink! Just ask the dog!

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