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Ingrown Toenails


“My toe hurts, it’s getting red and swollen, I can’t tell where it’s coming from!”

Does this sound familiar? You just had a pedicure, or trimmed your own toenails about 4 days ago. Now, one of them is throbbing and the toe hurts with any pressure or closed shoe. What happened?

Ingrown toenails are one of the most common and, thankfully, one of the most easily cured problems that I treat. They are caused by a combination of factors including genetics, improper nail trimming, trauma and “digging out” the nail corner. Many people co-exist with these “ticking time bomb” nails for years by performing “bathroom surgery” or by seeing a pedicurist who is ill-trained to tackle this problem. Then, suddenly, after one of these “treatments” the nail becomes infected because a spike of nail is left behind, creating a source of bacteria. Now the panic of what to do becomes more urgent. The redness, swelling and infection begin to worsen. A trip to a surgically trained podiatrist is no longer elective but is mandatory!

Have no fear. Not only can your infection be treated, but the chronic ingrown nail can be cured with a simple office procedure that is overwhelmingly effective. The procedure, which takes under 10 minutes, is performed painlessly, under a local anesthetic. The sides of the nail are essentially removed permanently affording a long-lasting and cosmetically appealing result.

In sum, don’t put off medically-needed ingrown nail treatment that is easy, painless to most patients, and usually yields excellent results.

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