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Let’s say that you are like millions of people that suffer with pain in your heels, arches, lower back or knees. You have heard the “buzz” about orthotics but haven’t a clue what they are or where to purchase them. Perhaps I can explain.

When I prescribe Orthotics, I am referring to custom-made arch inserts that are sturdy enough to bear full body weight without “sinking down” or flattening out. They are made from cast impressions of your feet that are taken in your foot’s “neutral” or “corrected” position, and they have posts (angular corrective wedges)  in the rear and front of the inserts to position the foot in an improved stance so that when you walk in them they will correct foot function. This is analogous to the way eyeglasses correct eye function or vision.

Orthotics are devices that transfer out of one pair of shoes to another. They are sometimes called arch supports or shoe inserts and the number of stores, items, price points and types boggles the mind! As with any other important purchase, “you get what you pay for”…sometimes! There are shoe stores that sell off-the-shelf arch support inserts that they call “orthotics” and carry a high price tag. BUT, when you begin wearing them, expecting that they will solve your pain, they do not work, even though they were quite costly. They “flatten” on weight-bearing, roll with your feet to their incorrect position and are often uncomfortable, because they are not custom-made to YOUR exact measurements. With no corrections in them, these over-the-counter “orthotics” do not improve your posture or foot function so that you are basically wearing a blank shell in your shoes. If you needed prescription eyewear and instead wore a blank piece of glass in front of your eyes, would you see any better? The same principle applies to orthotics.

Most orthotics will last many years to a lifetime with daily use. While the soft top-cover materials will mat down over time, they can be replaced easily. But, the semi-rigid or rigid orthotic plate will provide you with years of foot relief and happiness. When your heels, arches, knees and lower back are no longer hurting, you will not remember that you paid several hundred dollars for these devices because over the life of the product that will be pennies per day for years of comfort!

Come talk to me about how these wonderful little devices may help you with some of your foot problems.

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